Your Next Lead is Online All Day Every Day

Or: Excuse Me. Does This Cave Have WiFi?

How do I know that your next lead is online all day? Because we all are. Well, unless we are living in a cave. And even then, if we have a decent WiFi signal, we’re probably online. Am I right? 

I also know that your next lead is online because you are a distributor of promotional products, ad specialty, career or school uniforms. You found this page. Or this page found you. To get here you clicked something; a Tweet, a Facebook post, a link from an email you signed up for… something on a web page that you hoped will help you do business.

Your clients, the wholesale buyers, are online all day too—searching for their clients. If they aren’t actively staring at a computer screen in their office all day, you can bet they have a bunch of pages open on one of multiple devices they use that will lead them to their next customer. Anyone trying to make a buck is online these days. As a distributor, part of your prospecting strategy should be to figure out where your potential customers are hanging out, how they like to communicate and then communicate with them.

How do you get your next lead’s attention?

Here’s one approach.

  • Check out their social media profiles
  • See which platform they use the most
  • Read their posts and find out what interests them
  • Get in Touch with them through the platform they like the best

Here’s what NOT to do. Don’t contact them with nothing to say. Do your homework and say something that will interest them! If you’ve done your research it should be easy. Once you find the right cave—you’ll know what to talk to your leads about. Happy Spelunking!