Are You Getting The Value You Deserve?

Selling Value Over Price Closes More Apparel Contracts

Quality versus bargain prices, it’s a debate as old as business itself. You’ve probably encountered the dilemma with clients whose bottom line is always their top priority. So what’s the best way to steer them in the right direction and not let them be penny wise and pound foolish with their apparel decisions?

Here at Executive Apparel, we may not always be the absolute lowest price on the planet. But by understanding how value is more than a price tag, you can help your clients avoid inferior quality choices that can end up being the most costly of all.

The first step is to help your clients understand why high-quality apparel is so important to their business.

Why does quality matter so much for professional apparel?

Professional apparel isn’t like other forms of clothing. The average person might wear a cocktail dress or suit jacket once every month or two. But a work blazer or host uniform? These pieces will be worn for an extended period of time, maybe several times in the same week, even every day.

A bargain piece of clothing that looks worn or becomes tattered not long after purchase is no bargain. It actually costs your customer more in the long run — that is, the cost of the bargain item and the cost to replace it. That’s why it’s essential to supply your clients with high-quality pieces that stand up to all the demands of their workplace.

Your reputation is also on the line. It’s far easier to maintain a book of clients when you deliver top-quality products than continuously having to field complaints about product failure.
You make your clients’ lives easier when they have one less thing to think about because their apparel is holding up so well.

Image Matters

Whether it is in the hospitality industry, a private school setting, or in the corporate B2B world, quality clothing sends the right message. That’s important for clients and it’s an important selling point when discussing products with them. It’s why we have gone to great research and development lengths to create the highest-quality fabrics and designs with competitive pricing.
You can confidently offer your customers a host of exciting, image-conscious options with brands that include:


A line that fits perfectly into any business’s sustainability practices, EcoTex is made with recycled plastic water bottles. Available in uniform blazers and pants, it’s a durable and attractive option.

This collection of suiting and blazers uses a sophisticated poly-wool stretch blend fabric. Both breathable and stretchable, its unique cross-weave brings an upscale look with plenty of comfort. Our Men’s Optiweave Blazer for example is designed with many functional elements, including set-in besom pockets with rounded flaps, a top welt pocket and three inside pockets, rich silver-gray poly satin lining with sewn-in underarm shields.

Gourmet Brand

We designed our Gourmet brand to present a rich, polished image while being durable enough to handle the demands of a restaurant or hospitality setting. Look for clean lines, modern fabrics, and innovative designs that give your client’s staff the comfort and functionality to make their fast-paced work run smoother.
These are just a sampling of the ten-plus Apparel Collections you can offer clients. Covering uniform categories from school uniforms and collegiate blazers to hospitality and corporate executive apparel, you can choose from in-stock, semi-custom, and full-custom packages.

Service Helps You Stand Out

We are proud to be known for our unmatched level of service in the industry. Executive Apparel has a history of helping distributors gain more sales. With 85 years in the industry, let our knowledge work for you. Sell more programs by having our service support your sales.

For clients wanting in-stock designs, provide swift delivery and efficiency for their needs. When a client requests a custom order, we’ll help you make what could be a long, complicated process, into a smooth experience using our five-step strategy. We guide you through what questions to ask for accurate designing, advise you on realistic timetables, and assist through to delivery. Our trusted system has worked for countless distributors and it will work for you. It’s one of the reasons so many distributors regularly source from us. They’ve learned our high-quality and service offer unbeatable value that keeps their clients satisfied.

5 Key Features that Add to Executive Apparel’s Value Status

1. We offer discounts on volume sales.
2. We happily accept returns on unaltered items in excellent condition within 60 days of purchase. Read our FAQs for more details.
3. Offering competitive minimums for custom orders, we can source just the right fabrics and trims.
72 pieces or more for blazers
144 or more for pants, blouses, and vests.
4. We offer drop shipping with custom packing slips and all markings with the Executive Apparel named removed from shipping cartons.
5. Easy Customizing of in stock products.

If you are a qualified apparel distributor interested in learning more about working with us? Reach out today to connect with our team that is ready to help you get started selling more with Executive Apparel

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