Production Management

We know that the current Covid-19 crisis is affecting our customers, vendors, employees and families in ways we never anticipated. While Executive Apparel has had to make changes in our procedures and policies, we want you to know that our primary goal is to support our associates and families to the best of our ability and to ensure their safety, health and wellbeing. We are doing everything in our power to fulfill your orders as quickly as possible. We thank you for your patience while we navigate this crisis together.

Production Management

The Team at Executive Apparel is a group of seasoned experts in sourcing design and problem solving. Sourcing unusual fabrics, developing unique designs and managing impossible deadlines is what we do every day. During the Covid-19 Crisis the EA Team is in constant communication.

A Few Words from the CEO and the Executive Apparel Team

DONALD SINGER | CEO of Executive Apparel

“Like every CEO in the world right now, I am juggling priorities and making serious decisions that affect many people. I am depending on my 44 years of experience in this industry to keep my vision for the company clear, in spite of this short-term crisis. I am proud of our team working feverishly to keep our customers questions answered quickly. Most are working at home with cellphones and tied into the mainframe. So far, the health crisis is not affecting our performance. Kudos to them”!

DAVID DICKSTEIN | Director of Sales & Product Development

“People are working with Zoom or FaceTime to contact their customers. This is a new way to do business for some of them at this crazy time. I’m in continued communication with my customers daily so they know I’m here to support them in advancing their sales.”

NANCI SILCOX | Director of Quality Assurance

“Quality doesn’t stop for anything. Don’t worry during this new reality. At Executive Apparel the quality department is still approving and reviewing samples from our factories and fabric colors from our mills. This ensures that our customers will still get the best product overall for both quality and color that they are used to from Executive Apparel.”

RANDI URKOWITZ | Account Representative

“I hope you’re all staying healthy and safe! We are all working with this pandemic in the best way possible. At Executive Apparel, we are trying to do our best in working and getting products out in a timely matter. Please be patient and let us know if we can do ANYTHING to help you make your customers feel at ease. We will all get through this. It’s a big hiccup! I’m thinking of you all!”

JOHN WARD | Account Representative

“During this time I will be working from home and doing everything I can to get orders out for our customers in a timely fashion. My wife is a nurse and deals with this virus on a daily basis so I understand the necessity of social distancing. We will get through this together and come out better on the other side”.

MARY WARD | Director of Finance and Operations

“During this difficult time I want our customers to know that I am here in the office doing all that I can to help them.  I know this is a very trying time for everyone but due to my age and experience I know that this too will pass and there is a light at the end of the tunnel!”

JAN CLEMMER | Director of Production

“In the production department it is business as usual. We continue to reach out to overseas factories remotely to solve any production issues in an effort to meet all original deadlines!”

LISA DENHAM | Marketing Director

“The Executive Apparel team has always been skilled at solving problems together. Like all businesses, we’ve seen some new challenges but we are working at top speed to address them and help our distributors service their valued customers! This Team is here for you, especially now!”


How Production Management Works

Is your organization bogged down with production management issues. Missed deadlines, poor quality, confused and costly logistics? Executive Apparel can help with your next project. By expertly managing your complicated production projects we can not only save you time and money, but deliver a high-quality, expertly designed apparel program on time and on budget.

Put your faith in a qualified contractor with over 85 years of manufacturing experience. You’ll be surprised at the low cost and lack of stress of letting the experts do it. Our professional planning strategy ensures that you’ll have all the information you need before production begins. Our process eliminates costly errors and time delays. Your customers are valuable and Executive Apparel can help you keep them happy and earn repeat business.

Spend Less Time Fixing Problems and More Time Selling Programs

Executive Apparel has been helping Distributors like you for over 85 years. You should be selling more programs, not troubleshooting production issues! Our team handles your headaches and lets you do what you do best—Sell! The keys to a successful production run are simple.

Create Realistic Timelines

Consider Demographics & Geographic Data

Smart Sourcing

Plan for Timed Rollouts

Strong Logistics Planning

Meticulous planning combined with realistic expectations based on accurate knowledge of the process will ultimately deliver an A+ customer experience. Delivering A+ Customer experiences gains repeat business! To speak with an Executive Apparel Account Manager about production management simply submit the form below.

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    • Ben Kurns

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    • Ben Kurns

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