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School uniform shopping is on the mind of many school officials right now. While the summer months are a time for rest and relaxation for most students, these weeks mark the busiest time of year for schools. Their preparation for the new school year typically includes a discussion of uniforms and attire policy. This has never been more true than in 2021. Unprecedented school closures kept classes online and students in their pajamas due to the pandemic. But now, the great school reopening has begun! More than ever, schools are looking for new ways to welcome students back and increase parent confidence. By reaching the right schools and administrators during this key time, you can increase your chances of creating long-term clients that will love your services. One of the best ways to help increase your chances of landing a school uniform client? Come armed with the benefits of choosing a uniform standard for all of their students.

Here are some of the top benefits. Make sure that you add these to your next pitch or sales call:


7 Top Benefits of New School Uniforms


1. School Uniforms Can Reduce Peer Pressure & Bullying

School uniforms are a simple yet effective way to reduce peer pressure and bullying. Uniform policies can help eliminate the chance of harassment over what clothes they choose to wear. Wearing the same color or style can help level the playing field for children who have trouble finding fashionable items that fit their budget. In addition, students feel more confident and self-assured without the pressure to fit in with their peers. Students who feel confident in themselves will naturally perform better in school. Moreover, those benefits will extend beyond the classroom into nearly every part of their lives.

2. Uniforms Can Boost Student Morale & Wellbeing

School uniforms may seem like a small part of the student’s day. However, they can significantly impact their overall feelings about themselves and how others view them. With the right blazer or blouse, students can feel a boost in their confidence and self-esteem. An increasing focus for many schools is student health – both physical and mental. With school uniforms helping reduce judgment and harassment, it’s a win-win situation for all involved. Students feel better about themselves because their peers accept them without conforming to an outdated dress code. At the same time, the school can focus on other aspects of student development like grades and extracurricular programs with less distraction in the hallways.

3. Uniforms Increase Focus & Success

One of the other benefits of school uniforms is that they allow kids to focus more on their studies – the ultimate goal for most educators and students. Studies show that when a student wears a uniform, the reduction of focus on how they look can increase their focus in the classroom. In addition, this focus in class can result in better outcomes for assignments and tests later! For colleges that experienced the disconnect of online learning for over a year, Collegiate Blazers are an excellent way to bring back a campus’s community spirit and a sense of belonging after so much disconnect. Fraternities and sororities particularly appreciate the wide variety of color options we have available. After months of staying home in sweats, these students will be ready for a new way to show off their school pride.

4. New Uniforms Create a Fresh Start for Schools

After 2020, everyone is feeling the need for a fresh start and schools are no exception. The confidence of parents has been shaken as they’ve had to adjust to a variety of virtual and hybrid school models. With vaccines for children still being developed, schools are the last institutions to experience the relief of living mask-free. With that in mind, new school uniforms can project a responsible, proactive image from school administration. The logic follows that if a school is on top of their uniform program, they must also be attentive to their hygiene, cleanliness, and mask-enforcement policies as well. This is the desired image schools are looking to project come the fall.

5. School Uniforms Reduce At-Home Stress

Not only can school uniforms reduce the stress that students face at school, but they can also help the moments at home each day be stress-free as well! When schools require a school uniform, there’s not much arguing about what students will wear each day! Uniforms can reduce the time it takes to get ready each morning and set up students for success by removing stress from an already-packed morning. Parents and students alike will enjoy how smooth mornings will go once the question of “what to wear?” is taken out of the equation.

6. Uniforms Can Teach Professionalism Early

No matter what students wear at school, the day will come when they must prepare for college applications and job interviews. Therefore, wearing a school uniform during their early years helps students prepare for future professional situations. Students who have experience with school uniforms will be ready to put their best foot forward in other professional circumstances. Uniforms often require students to care for their clothes and make sure that their outfit fits school policy – essential practices in interview settings. This skill easily transitions into professional life as they have more pride in their outfit and understand the benefits of being well-dressed. The Elite School Blazer line, which is fully customizable with school crests and logos, instantly creates this professional look. A classic unisex blazer that looks refined, it’s many benefits include being highly durable and machine washable; so students get a classic look without any hassle to parents.

7. School Uniform Options (And Service!) May Surprise You

One reason that many students and parents balk at uniforms is the assumption that there aren’t any desirable styles or colors. Dispelling this myth quickly can help you out a ton in sales conversations. Our Elite line of school uniforms include up-to-date, student-friendly designs and includes blouses, skirts, khakis, shirts, and blazers. All are fully customizable with the option to be altered or embellished. And they’re designed to stand up to the rigors of the school day, which includes being extremely durable, completely machine-washable, pre-shrunk, and including the most secure buttons on the market. As a sales professional, making sure that you have a list of the latest school uniform styles can make all the difference when meeting with a potential client. Make sure to let your client know that your uniforms are made of high-quality materials and can withstand even the most unruly students.

Your Trusted Partner in School Uniform Sales

Our team of account representatives can help you build a portfolio of potential options that a school administrator will love. Want to learn more? Contact the Executive Apparel team today to learn more about our high-quality school uniform options and gain more insights to positioning and improving your sales conversations.


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