The Hospitality Outlook

Things are finally looking up for the hospitality industry. After countless false starts and reversions, COVID thankfully appears to be loosening its grasp on the nation. Mandates are easing or being all together lifted and travel forecasts look promising for the rest of 2022.

In fact, many forecasters are predicting a full return to pre-pandemic demand numbers in the summer of 2022.

What does this mean for the hospitality industry? As travelers come back, savvy hotel, resort and restaurant businesses will meet these returning guests with a refresh, a rebrand that captures attention and imagination. Uniforms will be a key part of that process. When presenting uniform options to hospitality clients, it’s important to include this information. Here are five key reasons why a brand refresh is so critical at this point in the great return to travel and the hospitality industry reboot.

1.  Re-engaged Travelers Demand Expanded Experiences

Hotels Magazine reports that post-pandemic, travelers will be expecting more from their hospitality experiences. Consumers had several years of staying home, self-reflection and reprioritizing. A prevailing mindset that has emerged is one of prioritizing personal growth and experiences. To that end, travelers are looking for an all-around experience that is polished and refined. Uniforms play a significant part of the front-facing aspects of a hotel or restaurant’s brand.

2.  Addressing Staffing Challenges

While consumers may be returning to hospitality businesses, staffing remains a concern and a direct challenge to rebranding efforts. Rebranding for consumers is just one piece of the success puzzle. A brand refresh may also be sorely needed to attract new staff members to make up for those lost during the “great resignation.” Part of employee experience branding is communicated through user-friendly uniforms. Giving staff and prospective hires comfortable, modern clothing options can go a long way to rebrand the business as employee-centric and more appealing.

3.  Now is the Time to Eliminate Inefficiencies

Any good rebrand will eliminate dated traditions and look to future-proofing many elements of the business. On the uniform landscape, there have been many advances in technology and style (even through the years of the pandemic). Now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of innovations, like the higher durability apparel and lower maintenance fabrics that Executive Apparel offers. These cut down on wasted time and resources, a key needed upgrade as demand for services increases. 

4.  Sustainability Continues to Be a Branding Goal

As brands look for new ways to adopt sustainable practices as part of their rebrand, it’s essential to weigh cost versus benefits. Many sustainable practices require large capital investments that hospitality businesses may not be in the position to commit to after the struggle of the last few years. Environmentally-friendly uniforms, like Executive Apparel’s Ecotex Recycled Polyester pants and blazers offer an affordable way to add in more sustainable practices without breaking the bank.

5.  Outshining the Competition

There’s no doubt that competition will be high in the post-pandemic hospitality environment. Brands will need to give a fresh visual image to attract guests. Surveys show that guests want personal care and attention to detail. Upgrading uniform apparel is a cost-effective way to meet these customer service demands while improving the overall brand image at the same time. Ask your client the important questions, such as: when guests return to your establishment, what will your staff’s uniforms communicate to these guests? If the answer isn’t “polished professionalism, attention to detail and the highest standards of care and commitment,” then it’s time to upgrade to apparel that effortlessly sends the right message. 


More Choice Give Hospitality Brands Better Uniform Options

Executive Apparel has invested in seeking out the more modern cuts and styles, to offer your clients an instant image refresh. Employees are the most prominent face of any hospitality brand, so it’s extremely helpful to educate your hospitality clients on this fact.

Here at Executive Apparel, we’re committed to supplying the upgraded uniforms your clients need. We’ve invested in making sure our inventory is reliable and time-sensitive, so we can respond to your clients’ orders in an efficient and streamlined way.

From our Gourmet line, which offers a sleek, polished look for servers, food runners and banquet attendants to our Easywear dresses, UltraLux modern cuts, and classic Optiweave pants and blazers, the answers to uniform refresh challenges can be found in our catalog of options.

Help your clients understand the importance of upgrading their brand easily with a uniform refresh. By explaining to them the benefits of a wardrobe refresh, such as enhanced durability, custom options and user-friendly features, you’ll give them the key to a sustainable rebrand. 


Ready to present options to your hospitality clients? We’re here to help answer any of your uniform and apparel questions, from the process of creating custom items to delivery times and current stock, we’re happy to equip you with the information that helps close sales. Reach out to our team to learn more.