Are You Thinking About School Promotions? Consider Uniform Programs.

If you are selling school promotions you already know decision makers or buyers at the schools you service. If you aren’t selling to schools yet just take a look around. New public, private and charter schools are popping up everywhere! There are so many opportunities for school uniform sales in this lucrative market for promotional apparel distributors.

Administrators have multiple challenges when considering uniform programs.
Open the conversation and offer solutions to their problems.

It has been argued that that some uniforms promote gender bias. It has also been said that uniforms inhibit the creative expression that is so important to kids’ emotional growth. The truth is that as kids get older and their bodies start changing, they begin to identify with their more dominant masculinity or femininity. Environmental conditioning also begins to affect them as they begin to form their identities. Sizing and fit become very important to students as their bodies begin to change. It may seem like a logical step for schools to choose gender-neutral uniforms to eliminate friction from parents, special interest groups, school governing bodies but kids want clothes that fit properly as they start to develop.

As for the creativity argument, any school Principal will tell you that kids will always find ways to “alter” their uniforms to suit their developing identity. Hairstyles, shoes, jewelry and tailoring are all options for creative expression. Rather than hinder kids’ expressive tendencies, uniforms only present a tiny roadblock to their creativity.

Awards Blazer Programs

In the current political climate, with fear of violence in schools in the headlines, it becomes tricky for school administrators. Their job is to protect the emotional well-being and physical safety of their students. Can school administrators make thoughtful uniform choices that respect the identities of their students and satisfy parents and their kids? You can open a thoughtful conversation with especially relevant positive points of the argument. They can then bring these points to conversations with all parties involved.

Pros of the Uniform Argument

  • Decreases school violence
  • Allows school officials to easily recognize intruders on campuses
  • Promotes safe, focused learning environments
  • Improves morale and school pride
  • Improves children’s self-respect and self-esteem
  • Promotes positive student behavior
  • Helps students and parents resist peer pressure
  • Bridges socio-economic differences between children
  • Builds a positive school social climate
  • Produces cost savings for participating families
  • Minimizes the loss of expensive student clothing
  • Thoughtfully planned programs promote gender equality

As the expert in this field you are poised to help administrators with this tricky challenge. Present the positive sides of the debate. If your buyer is not ready to commit to a uniform program ask them to consider an Blazer Awards Recognition Program. Recognition Blazers come with plenty benefits for the school and student body if traditional uniforms turn out to be too much of a commitment. Either way you go,  you’ve got two great ideas to try boost your school uniform sales.

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