Executive Apparel Scooter Skort


We designed the Scooter Skort for the Elite School Uniform Collection. It was so well received by our school buyers that we decided to add it to the juniors’ and young ladies’ collection. This “sporty new skirt with the secret shorts” is the most comfortable garment in our collection! Made with a light polyblend fabric that stretches for full mobility—this piece is a playful addition to the semi-casual uniform.

A New Choice for Semi-Casual Uniforms

Most noteworthy are the school uniform benefits — it is comfortable to wear, has a great fit with a modesty feature built into the design (appealing to school admins) and it is machine washable. Parents and students will like those features but it’s the style that young ladies will love! This skort has a flattering silhouette and no one will ever know there are shorts underneath! Girls will love the confidence of knowing they have a little extra coverage for days when they are super busy.

The Scooter Skort was designed to fit a wide range of figures with great features like a wide flat waistband, a back zipper and side slits for a little extra mobility. It is available now in the three most popular classic uniform colors—khaki, navy and black. This piece can be dressed up with a blouse and trendy oxford flats or dressed down with a trendy tee shirt and sneakers. The Scooter Skort is just perfect for so many work and school environments.

Need new options for outfitting collegiate students and millennials in the work force? The scooter skort lends itself to this demographic of end-users. Consider this when selling the scooter skort. It is made for the active end-user who may go straight from school or work to “play” without ever changing clothes. For kids and employees who function daily in a “high-mobility” mode, this garment is a winner.

A Little Extra Coverage For Ladies On The “Go”

Many schools still require girls to wear skirts as part of their uniform. With the Scooter Skort parents can feel good knowing their girls have a little extra coverage during the day. With the Scooter Skort girls can run and play without being self-conscious or nervous about a possible “wardrobe malfunction.” It solves a very real problem for female students by eliminating the restrictions in movement of a regular skirts which require wearers to negotiate how they sit and play and how quickly they move.

Furthermore, some may argue that a restrictive dress code even affects how girls behave socially. They believe it causes them to be less outgoing and competitive than boys their age and creates an unfair disadvantage. Our new skort will satisfy dress codes that require feminine attire. Female students who find this piece included in their school uniform will be pleased to find a skirt compromise that is also stylish!

A Millennial Must-Have

Many millennial women in the work force have high-mobility lifestyles. Biking to work? Navigating the office complex? Hustling from table to table as a server at a trendy restaurant? They will appreciate the look of a cute skirt and the functionality of secret shorts. The Scooter Skort is even stylish enough to wear out for an impromptu dinner with friends!

Create a unique uniform program by pairing the skort with a light cotton-blend blouse and our unlined knit blazer. Set guys up in a matching outfit with khakis and a crisp white oxford. If your client wants to dress it up consider one of our casual unlined blazers. Create a super-sharp look for semi-casual restaurants, outdoor cafes & bars or any of the new hotels who target young professionals. 

Semi-Casual Uniforms are Everywhere!

Now you can spot new prospects easily since semi-casual uniforms are found everywhere. Just look around! Resorts, Spas, Salons, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Lounges, Sporting Clubs, Kids Entertainment Venues, Theaters, Music Venues, Transportation, Parks, Dance Groups, Bands, Cruise Ships, Security Teams, Tour Guides and the list goes on! The New Scooter Skort is a versatile option for semi-casual uniforms in all industries. Are you working on a program that the Scooter Skort would be perfect for? Let us know!

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