After a year of sitting on video calls in sweatpants, the 2021 Inauguration offered a welcome change. One major takeaway was that bold, monochromatic ensembles with matching accessories are the professional woman’s look of choice. One place already ahead of this rising fashion curve is Executive Apparel. We offer you over 14 powerful colors plus custom color sourcing. Our own accessory line, from our ties and scarves to our popular Club Color Masks come in both bright and muted colors opening the door to many new and exciting possibilities.
Okay, so It’s clear that Executive Apparel can help with any of your color needs, but which colors should you choose for your program? When picking a color for your brand, evaluate the color’s messaging as it relates to both you and your customer. Below, we discuss seven of the fantastic colors from the inauguration (don’t worry, no politics), and what the use of each can communicate about your business, club, or organization.


How Purple Can Work for You
Purple was difficult and expensive to create before modern dyeing processes. As a result, purple is associated with royalty and/or creativity. Use purple in your business attire—such as this regal Women’s UltraLux Purple Blazer—to suggest high-end service accompanied by out-of-the-box thinking. Purple tells your patrons they are in an exclusive club of only the most unique individuals.

Light Blue

How Light Blue Can Work for You
We carry our UltraLux blazers in a very chique Carolina Blue. We also offer our shirts and blouses in a light blue. Light blues evoke water and sky, adding calmness, clarity, freshness, and simplicity to your brand message. Use light blue in your corporate apparel to tell your customers they are in good hands.


How White Can Work for You
White suggests purity, peace, cleanliness, and simplicity—granting a hint of moral authority to the wearer. It also is the color of a blank page upon which anything is possible. Because of this, selecting white for your blazers can communicate anything from the purity of your mission to the potential of your organization. Meanwhile, a white Oxford shirt or blouse highlights and emphasizes any other colors your students, employees, or patrons wear.


How Gold Can Work For You
Gold is the color of awards, medals, and victory. An UltraLux Gold Blazer tells your patrons that you offer award-winning, gold-star service. Because of its proximity to yellow, gold also speaks of cheery customer satisfaction.


How Red Can Work For You
Red is a color that demands action; it can both lure and warn. Use red to attract your customers, while warning your competitors that you mean business. Still want the all benefits of red while adding a hint of educated sophistication? Try our Burgundy blazers.


How Green Can Work for You
Green is the color of the natural world on one hand, and money on the other. When both meanings are taken together, green corporate apparel speaks of growth and balance. Use green to advertise your organization’s health and prosperity.


How Browns, Khakis, Tans Can Work for You
Khaki and tan are tints of brown. Brown is a down-to-earth-color which projects a willingness to get-down-to-business. Khaki skirts or pants humbly to declare a dedication to hard work. Meanwhile, darker brown suggests a long tradition of productivity.

A Final Note

In addition to messaging, you will want to consider whether a color matches your existing logo and environment. If Executive Apparel’s instock colors don’t perfectly meet these needs, we can source a custom fabric just for you.

The Executive Apparel Solution
Whatever you want to communicate, we’ll make sure it comes across in color. No other company offers the same breadth of color for blazers, blouses, and shirts. We also offer a multitude of scarves, ties, and masks to make whatever you pick pop. With over 14 colors (plus custom options), Executive Apparel can help you and your customers from one end of the rainbow to the other. Contact us today!