Where Do All the Uniforms Go?

Where do All the Uniforms go when the Program Ends?

Have you ever wondered, ” Where do all the uniforms go when the program ends?”  While I was researching topics for my next blog post I discovered an interesting article about Delta Airlines that gave me some insight. When their recent Zac Posen Collection launched Delta collected their old uniforms. 350,000 pounds of retired uniforms were donated, recycled or upcycled into cool products like messenger bags, totes and useful travel accessories.

Upcycled Uniforms Become Hip New Products

Many companies are seeking sustainable ways to make use of their discarded uniforms and leftover manufacturing materials. The highly competitive airline industry tends to make image changes more than other industries. It makes sense that they would turn to upcycling. Besides being good for the environment, it’s great publicity for the airline. Delta worked with a company in Portland called Looptworks on their upcycling project.

One quick look at the Looptworks website and you will also notice a slew of products made from recycled uniforms and other textiles. Looptworks collaborates with eco-conscious companies to create new products from used products and “pre-consumer” waste like the textile scraps that are often tossed during the manufacturing process. 

The Products are as Beautiful as they are Unique

Some standout products are Delta’s red and blue messenger bags made from uniforms and airplane seat leather. Then there’s the NBA collection that showcases backpacks and cool waist bags (or fanny packs) made from old team jerseys. Sharp-looking insulated wine carriers are made from Patagonia’s discarded fly fishing wader boots. The list goes on.

Besides designing ecologically responsible products, Looptworks partners with like-minded businesses that are promoting zero waste processes and social responsibility. They work with an agency to employ disabled workers or people facing challenges that may make it difficult for them to find work. 

Can you envision a time in the near future when all manufacturers will adopt a zero-waste policy? Next time you sell a big uniform program ask your client where the old uniforms will go? Maybe Looptworks can upcycle them into a unique promotional product for their customers! 

EcoTex Recycled Polyester Sustainable Suiting

For your eco-conscious customers consider Executive Apparel’s EcoTex Recycled Polyester suiting. EcoTex is a fabric blend with 60% recycled polyester made from water bottles. The Collection consists of smart looking blazers and dress pants for men and women.

I wore an EcoTex suit to a trade show and was impressed by the style, fit and comfort. It was sophisticated, light and breathable with beautiful tailoring. No one believed me when I told them it was polyester.I now consider it my go-to trade show outfit! 


For more information on EcoTex Sustainable Suiting or any of our suiting collections click here.


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