Navigating the New Years Rebrand!

The new year is a time when both organizations and people reflect upon what’s working and what needs to change. As a result of this reflection, many of your customers will be rebranding; no doubt they will hire graphic designers, consultants, and copywriters to ensure that their virtual presence is as fresh as possible. However, one oft-neglected aspect of brand cultivation is whether those representing the brand look just as fresh. Below are some tips for explaining the importance of a 2021 apparel upgrade to your customers.

An Apparel Upgrade Protects Their Existing Investment

Despite a heavy investment in their virtual brand, your customers may be tempted to get by with last year’s uniforms. If they do this, they are throwing money out the (virtual) window. Consumers tend to remember negative impressions more readily than positive ones. It doesn’t matter how nice the new logo looks if it is ironed onto the concierge’s ill-fitting jacket from three years ago. Guests will recall a caterer’s worn blouse first, and forget all about the shiny new website. By hiring you to provide upgraded uniforms, your customers can ensure that their human resources protect and support the fiscal resources they’ve invested in rebranding.

Virtual Reach Means More People Will See Your Customers’ Uniforms

Every work activity which can be virtual is now virtual; this expands your customers’ reach tremendously. Where once they might have been local, your customers are now holding video meetings with clients from all over the world. The rise of the virtual meeting means that every apparel-wearing employee is like unto a celebrity with a corporate sponsorship deal—what they wear now has global reach. By upgrading uniforms, you can assist your customers in making a favorable impression on this new, larger audience.

Even in 2021, People Are More Important Than Websites

Everyone knows that sales are fueled by relationships. Relationships are built with people, whether virtually or in-the-flesh. Your customers’ customers will form relationships with employees, not the website. This means that a sharp, professional, and consistent look is not only as important as a virtual rebrand, it is *more* important.

2020’s acceleration of virtual growth has not changed this fact. In a world of sweatpants and zoom calls, it is more vital than ever that those who still represent an organization face-to-face appear innovative, current, and professional.

How Executive Apparel Keeps Your Customers Looking Fresh in 2021

Once you explain to your customers the benefits of upgrading their uniforms, Executive Apparel is uniquely suited to help you do just that. We’re prepared for the future of apparel marketing, in both 2021 and beyond. Below are a few of the ways we can help keep your customers up-to-date.

Masks that Match

Is there any image more iconically (and more negatively) associated with 2020 than an overworked service employee in an ill-fitting dime-store mask? Fortunately the industry has now risen to meet demand, and an array of cloth masks are available for all occasions.

Executive Apparel’s own Color Club Masks were designed with multiple layers and include a built-in pocket for filters. They match our UltraLux and UltraMotion Blazer collections, giving the wearer an eye-catching symmetry. We know your customers’ brands will benefit from the message of safety and professionalism matching masks provide. Plus, they will have an edge over any competitors who haven’t yet adopted uniform masks.

Green Options

Consumers are beginning to select companies based on their environmental sustainability. One way for your customers to be sustainable is to purchase clothing that is ecologically sustainable. For instance, Executive Apparel’s EcoTex Recycled Polyester Blazers and Dress Pants can be incorporated into any company’s climate responsibility plan. (As a bonus, the recycling process makes the polyester fiber extra soft). This will assist your customers in projecting a green image for the 21st century market.

Custom Uniforms

Do you know the best way to turn a customer into a friend? Meet a need no one else can. Hyper-customization is the wave of the future in apparel marketing, but here at Executive Apparel, we’ve been doing it for years. Our custom uniform program allows your customers to choose their best fabrics and cuts for maximum style, comfort, and safety—not to mention brand unity.


Your customers ought to protect their 2020 rebranding investment by updating their uniforms for 2021. If you remind them of the continued centrality of human impact on their global reputation, they are sure to agree. With bespoke and sustainable lines (not to mention masks), Executive Apparel is ready to make you look good by making your customers look good.

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