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Collegiate Blazers

Collegiate Blazers

Collegiate Blazers and Club Blazers for Groups

Our Collegiate Blazers Collection makes it easy for groups to plan a branded blazer program. Greek organizations, clubs, choirs, alumini, teams, bands and event organizers have many choices. Choose from in-stock blazers from our signature collections or design a custom style that will set your organization apart from the crowd. 

Collegiate fraternities and sororities are big fans of our popular UltraLux bright colored blazers. Executive Apparel stocks all the most popular colors, including New Carolina Blue. With over 10 colors and multiple styles in stock the possibilities are endless. Or use our full customizing services to create a unique blazer program.* Students are sure to find the colors and styles that are perfect for their frat or sorority. 

Branded Club Blazers for Groups & Organizations

Branded Club Blazers for Groups

When planning a blazer program a buyer may start with a logo for color inspiration. A very colorful logo may need a dark color blazer to make it pop. Alternately, a solid logo may call for a complimentary color blazer to set it off perfectly. School colors and company logos tend to have a single color version which makes matching easy. In our UltraLux Collection you’ll find 11 colors including 6 brights to choose from!

Our Easywear Polywool Collection is available in 9 colors including our New Royal Blue. This blend of 70% polyester and 30% wool gabardine offers comfort, durability and style with the feel of light, soft wool. Professional groups that want to project a smart image within a manageable budget will appreciate this quality line.

Blazers for Leadership Groups

Collegiate Blazers for Leadership Groups

Many universities have active branches of national or regional leadership groups. Leadership groups organize charity fundraising or awareness campaigns for good causes. Leadership groups take enormous pride in their image. They know that branding in the age of social media can bring positive attention to their cause.

Our two premium collections — Optiweave Polywool Stretch and EcoTex Recycled Polyester are excellent options for leadership groups promoting high-end charity or community awareness events.

Present a sophisticated image with the Optiweave Polywool Stretch collection. Available in rich colors like charcoal, black and navy — this collection makes any group look professional and polished. Add branding with patches or embroidery.

Groups promoting environmental awareness will find our EcoTex Recycled polyester blazers a great canvas for their brand as well as a conversation piece. This innovative fabric is 60% recycled polyester made from plastic water bottles. Your group will make a “sustainable” first impression at any event for the environmentally-conscious!

Custom Blazers for Co-Eds, Clubs & Groups

Choose a stylish blazer for your program from our in-stock garments or design a custom blazer program from start to finish, If your customer is looking for something truly special for their group opt for a custom style and we’ll work with you on the design. From first concepts to sourcing and completion—let Executive Apparel lend a hand. Most of all, take advantage of our 85 years of expertise to help you manifest your buyer’s vision.

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