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Career Uniform Pants, Skirts & Dresses

Career Uniform Pants, Skirts & Dresses

The Executive Apparel Uniform Collection includes a stylish selection of career uniform pants, skirts and dresses. We’ve designed garments in our signature fabrics that match all of our popular blazers. Choose Executive Apparel for clients in need of companion pieces for uniform programs. All of our career uniform pants, skirts and dresses match blazers or vests in our Signature Collections.

Career pants skirts dresses for uniforms

A Skirt for Every Work Environment

Choose from one of our 8 skirts in a variety of lengths from a short flared 21″ style for a casual uniform to a longer modest 28″ length perhaps for a church. With 8 different lengths in any of our signature fabrics and popular colors—you’ve got hundreds of choices. Many uniform programs provide workers with multiple career garments, especially for full-time or over-time workers. Offer a collection including a career pants, skirts and a dress with their blazer. Explain the benefits for the company that saving valuable employees time on laundering and freeing up their much-needed time-off can pay off in extra energy and a more happy demeanor at work.

Career Skirts for Uniforms from Executive Apparel

To Sell an Image — Present a Collection

We recently added a beautiful, professional dress to our women’s career uniform collection. Our Simone Sleeveless Dress is a versatile garment that mixes with our Easywear blazer and adds a touch of elegance to the women’s wear collection. If you want to sell an Image to your client show them a small coordinated collection. Give them all the visual input they need to “see” their staff in the new look.

The Simone Sleeveless Dress for UniformsOur career pants, skirts & dress all match or mix well with the other colors in our collection. While describing an imagewear program suggest adding embroidered branding in the form of company logos and as a result you will complete the “visualization” of a unique uniform plan that speaks to the buyer. This can be achieved with any combination of our in-stock garments, however If your customer is looking for something truly special opt for a custom style and we’ll work with you on the design. From first designs to sourcing to completion—let Executive Apparel lend a hand. Most of all, take advantage of our 85 years of expertise to guide you to manifest your buyer’s vision.

Working on a career uniform program now?  Get product ideas now.

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