What are You Selling? Uniforms or Image Wear?

Distributors: Are you selling clothing or concepts? Obviously you are selling apparel. BUT are you framing the conversation with conceptual information that paints a visual picture for your buyer? Those who pepper the literal pitch with conceptual ideas to help the buyer imagine an end-user’s success tend to close deals more often. Ask yourself: Am I selling Uniforms or Image Wear?

In marketing and design there are terms for photography or video that show end-users wearing, using or enjoying their purchases. It’s called Lifestyle or Hero imagery. This type of imagery conveys more than just a photo of the product. It is designed to show the emotion and joy that the buyer will inevitably feel if they buy the product. It’s purpose is take the buyer a few steps closer to the purchase emotionally.

Uniforms vs. Image Wear

Should I Be Selling Uniforms or Image Wear? 

When a salesperson can successfully incorporate the literal and figurative, or the product and the concept of lifestyle, into their pitch then they can fertilize the imagination of their buyers. You are not simply selling uniforms. You are selling a company image. A staff that breathes success, professionalism and confidence. Know that you can sell whatever your buyer needs if you consider their story thoughtfully and have the product to back it up. Humans respond to human emotions. Many people buy rationally but if you can convince them that your product will produce the emotion that they need from it, you can make the sale!

So how do you speak to the emotional needs of your buyer? I suggest doing some research on the core values of the company. You can probably find it right on their website. What is important to the CEO? Identify the image they are trying to project. How do they describe their team? Understand the feel of their existing marketing. Pay attention to the language they use. Then make a thoughtful pitch that speaks to the energy of the company. Make sure you take notice of the graphics they’ve chosen. A photo can hold powerful clues. This exercise is an analysis of the company culture. Align your pitch to their culture and language.

If you spend some time thinking about the concepts above you’ll know if you are selling uniforms or image wear. Start thinking in terms of “selling an image” and you’ll force yourself to think deeper about your clients.

Is Your Pitch Addressing the Right Image?

School Programs should bring out the best in students. An Honors Program should make them feel like the best of the best! Visualizing a student body that is beaming with pride may be a key motivator for buyers.

Student Recognition Blazers

Is your buyer’s program for people who work with newlyweds, new parents, first-time home buyers? The language and imagery should ooze happiness and optimismMaybe your end-user works for a financial institution? If so, you’ll want to make sure you conjure up a culture of trust in your pitch. Are you making a pitch for a Tropical Resort Staff? Take them to a place in their mind that is peaceful, relaxing and calm.  

The Devin Casual Knit Uniform Blazer

Once you’ve chosen the language and visualized the presentation it will be a snap to choose the right image wear to compliment your storyImagine yourself as the director of a mini-movie. Then become the wardrobe director. When you close the deal you can grab your trophies and take a bow!

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