Women’s EasyWear Collarless Cardigan Blazer

2053 - Women’s EasyWear Collarless Cardigan Blazer

The Women’s Easywear Collarless Cardigan Blazer, made from our signature washable 70/30 poly/wool fabric, is a unique choice for a women’s uniform program. This blazer comes with features like lower besom pockets and a single suiting button. the sophisticated V-shaped neckline and fitted silhouette are particularly stylish features.

For a Smart Look Try a Cardigan Blazer

For a different spin on a women’s professional uniform consider the Easywear Collarless Cardigan Blazer. Try pairing it with a one of our elegant peach skin or silky microfiber. Not only does this blazer give a perfectly professional presentation, but it also feels good for the end-user. An additional plus is that this machine washable blazer saves time and money on laundering which makes everyone happy!  Available in navy, burgundy and black, 3 of the most popular uniform blazer colors.

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