Elite School Uniforms

Elite™ School Uniforms

Elite School Uniforms

Girls Wholesale School Uniforms

Kids Can be Tough on School Uniforms

Executive Apparel is a leading manufacturer of wholesale school uniforms. Our signature Elite™ Uniform Collection is designed for kids and young adults, from kindergarten to college. Executive Apparel uniforms are tailored to fit appropriately no matter what age — boy, girl, teen, tween or young adult. While some companies design unisex styles for boys and girls, Elite Brand Uniforms are always sized and fitted for individuals. We take gender and changes in body types into consideration. As kids grow and their bodies change they need garments that fit differently, not one-size-fits all! We design Elite School Uniforms in male and female sizes and keep plenty of stock on hand. Elite™ brand uniforms are expertly tailored for every point in the journey from small child to young collegiate. 

machine washable school uniforms

Washable Apparel for School Uniforms

Our Elite™ school uniforms are stylish, durable and washable beginning with the UltraLux Collection of 100% polyester garments. Buyers will love the variety and price. Parents love the value and time-saving that comes with a long-lasting, washable garment. With matching vests and casual khaki pants for any uniform style, Elite™ is the go-to manufacturer of school uniforms.

No More Lost Buttons!

Kids can be rough on their buttons and we know that. We have some of the strongest buttons on the market. All Elite™ blazer shank buttons are treated with a patented heat-sealing security system to keep our sharp gold-tone buttons fastened to the front and sleeves. Our blazers are quality-tested to insure that each button is sewn on properly. Then each button shank is carefully wrapped with a strong elastic yarn and heat sealed for a tight, strong bond. No more loose buttons for Mom to sew back on!

School Blazers In-Stock & Custom

In-Stock & Custom School Uniforms

Executive Apparel has an extensive in-stock school uniform collection. And we have hundreds of designs in our archive to  reference for any custom program. Choose an existing In-Stock style or create something completely new. If you want to get creative for a smaller program, then alter and embellish an in-stock style. Add embroidered logos to complete your branded apparel program. You can count on a quality product when you order Elite School Uniforms. Expert tailoring, proper fit, durable washable fabrics and sophisticated style that kids will look good in and feel proud to wear.

Elite School Blazers for Uniforms

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