Custom Work Uniforms

Custom Work Uniforms for Business

Executive Apparel is a full-service manufacturer of unique custom work uniforms. While we have hundreds of in-stock styles available, many of our customers start with a line item and work with our design team to create a unique style exclusively for their program. We have an extensive archive of custom patterns for corporate, career, school & hospitality programs.

Have a tight deadline and budget? Get a custom look by altering and embellishing an in-stock garment creatively to design a unique uniform that reflects the company’s personality. Our team is happy to coach you through the process with cost-saving advice that improves your bottom line.

Custom Design for Corporate Uniforms

Custom Career Apparel Manufacturing

Choose from our signature fabrics when designing a custom style. UltraLux Classic 100% Polyester, New UltraLuxMotion Stretch Polyester, Easywear Polywool, Optiweave Polywool Stretch or EcoTex Recycled Polyester. Colors not listed below can be sourced for any program that meets minimum requirements.

Choose From Executive Apparel’s Signature Fabrics

The UltraLux Polyester Collection offers blazers in 10 colors: 5 brights and 5 classics. UltraLux Classics are 100% polyester and come in black, navy, burgundy, gray and hunter green. UltraLuxMotion Club Colors Blazers are the only Stretch Brights offered exclusively to the promo apparel market. Buyers value our brights for their dependable color consistency which ensures reorders. End-users value our brights because they look great and machine wash beautifully. That makes them perfect for schools, clubs, fraternities, sororities and hi-visibility staff for event venues. Companies with colorful branding will find a suitable match or perfect complimentary color in our UltraLuxMotion Collection. Available in 5 colors: red, gold, kelly green, royal blue and purple. Consider UltraLuxMotion when your buyer needs bright, bold imagewear.

Custom Embellished CoatsEasywear Polywool fabric is available in 8 sharp colors red, hunter green, black, burgundy, charcoal, gray, navy and olive green. All fabrics may be embroidered with color logos or embellished with patches. This crisp, comfortable 70/30% polywool is perfect for front-of-the-house hotel programs, corporate offices, financial institutions or any upscale business. Show Easywear Polywool to your clients looking for custom corporate uniforms.

Optiweave Polywool Stretch has garnered accolades from the promo-marketing industry and uniform distributors alike. Optiweave is a blend of 63% polyester, 35% wool and 2% spandex. This fabric is a clear winner for upscale, professional uniform programs. Available in the 3 most popular colors: black, charcoal and navy with high marks for comfort level.

EcoTex Recycled Polyester is a sophisticated blend of 60% recycled polyester fibers and 40% traditional polyester. The threads in this fabric are fine and soft, unlike some other polyesters. The fabric is a breathable, machine washable polyester that looks and feels like a hi-end fabric. Present EcoTex recycled polyester to your clients with concerns about sustainability and the environment.  For a collection with a conscience choose EcoTex Recycled Polyester.

Professional Sourcing for Your Clients

Executive Apparel has a full sourcing department and can find any type of fabric, special threads, buttons, braids and unusual notions. When planning your custom program begin collecting images or samples of the details you like and our team will help you find them. We look forward to impressing you and your buyer with our unparalleled talent and expertise.

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