Do Your Women’s Uniform Programs Lack Variety?

What’s missing in your women’s uniform programs? Are you showing a healthy variety of women’s styles along with your men’s styles? Many men’s uniform programs can succeed with a simple focus on classic looks while women expect variety in their style offerings. Programs for men often consist of styles that are tried and true like classic oxford shirts, single breasted blazers and a couple styles of pants. If you present a small sampling like that for women you may miss the boat! As a result of all the style options that exist in their retail shopping experience, women have grown to expect it in their uniform selection.

Don’t Miss the Boat on Women’s Styles

Do your research before you work with a new supplier. Confirm that they offer a variety of styles, colors and fabric options, especially in their women’s collections. That way when you encounter a client tasked with outfitting a large staff you’ll be able to impress them with a great presentation rather than leave them looking elsewhere for additional women’s styles. Consider presenting two women’s garments for each men’s garment. If you’ve got one classic men’s blazer, choose a similar classic women’s style and slightly different style. Perhaps a trendier cropped blazer or a unique collarless blazer. Present a classic color and a complimentary color. For each men’s pant you show, match it with a women’s pant and a skirt. Avoid showing a carbon copy of a men’s uniform for the women. Bring a selection that matches and adds visual interest to the group.

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Include Variety in Your Next of Uniform Program Pitch

Start with those tried and true classic styles for men and then step it up a notch with a substantial variety of matching women’s styles that will make your client remember you. A good supplier will be able to provide you with many different styles, fabrics, colors and custom details because they know that women are driving growth in this market. More women are wearing uniforms to work than ever! This segment of the workforce is poised for even greater growth in the coming years. Recognize the potential of the lucrative women’s uniform market now and get a jump on the competition!

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