The Sydney Blouse Collection

Our newest blouse, the Sydney Sleeveless Blouse, is now available in sleek black. The Sydney Blouse has just been delivered and is ready to ship in gray/white fineline pinstripes and blue/white fineline pinstripes. The pinstriped versions have the classic white peter pan collar and compliment our fineline pinstripe women’s Oxford shirts.

The Sydney Blouse Collection

Think in Terms of Collections

What buyer could pass up the chance to see a Collection? That’s, in fact, what they are asking for when they call you to work on their program. They may call it choices or options, but if you think of it as a collection you’ll be more likely to sell the Collection. The Sydney Collection is a perfect sampling of mix & match blouses for women’s uniforms. Pair any of the blouses with our tailored women’s pants or skirts in charcoal, black or navy and you can create an impressive unique program for your clients.

Offer 2 Garments for Women to Every 1 for Men

Buyers appreciate a variety in women’s styles. The most successful distributors know that women make up a more substantial percentage of the workforce every year. The best distributors close the deal with a great presentation that includes variety for women. Remember to show the Sydney Blouse Collection next time you make a presentation for a women’s blouse program. Contact us now if you would like to learn more about our blouses.