A Simple Formula for Smart Uniform Programs

Smart uniform distributors know how to approach a potential client with a winning proposition. Buyers are looking for value more than anything else. Of course they want smart uniform programs that look great and elevate the image of their organization. They also want to hold onto their profits! A little “sales math” will help you give the client the information they need to see you as someone who gets them.

Garment x [Style + Function + Durability] ÷ Longevity = VALUE!

Simple Formula for Smart Uniform Programs

Let’s use this simple formula to put together a uniform program that will give your buyer the confidence that you are more interested in forging a mutual business relationship than just getting a one-time sale.

Start with a supplier that makes excellent quality garments at reasonable prices. Notice I didn’t say cheap—because the first part of our equation is all about the quality. Garment x [Style+Function+Durability]. Each garment in your presentation must be…

Stylish for the image your client wants to project

Functional for the end-user’s purpose 

Durable to withstand repeated wear and laundering

Respected suppliers like Executive Apparel can help you choose the right garments for your buyer because quality is built into every garment. Your sales rep will show you multiple styles in a few different price points and guarantee you are getting the best product for you client’s needs. All of the fine garments manufactured by Executive Apparel are durability tested for wear and tear. Delivering an excellent quality product is one of our top core values.

Longevity of a Uniform Program

If you provide your buyer with options that have a long life span you will automatically save them money. They may not see it initially but you can educate them on how a garment with a short life span that must be replaced often adds hidden costs to the program. Consequently, these hidden costs skew the budget and may dissuade the buyer from working with you again. The relationship will suffer which can mean no reorders for you.

Be creative when you are developing a smart uniform program by choosing quality garments with long life spans. Try to think of other ways to lengthen the life of a program for a small increase in cost. Here’s an idea.

Multiply and Expand for Best Results

This will obviously depend on the budget and the timeline for the uniform campaign. An additional pair of pants or, for women, perhaps a skirt will extend the life of each garment by minimizing wear and laundering. It can also save time and money for busy employees who must do laundry in their spare time. Employees who are less stressed and feel like they are keeping more of their wages are happier and more productive. That affects the company’s bottom line!

Career pants skirts dresses for uniforms

Think of a staff of diverse employees who all wear the same suit every day and project a very professional image. Now think of that same staff wearing coordinated suiting separates every day. Some of the women may have the same color blouse in a slightly different style. Others may have a skirt that matches their co-worker’s pant. Perhaps men may wear vests while others wear a blazer. A few articles of clothing paired creatively can make multiple outfits.

Adding coordinated suiting separates adds another level of visual interest and sophistication. Individual personalities can shine through and make a professional image even better! Giving employees the option to choose more than one outfit increases enthusiasm for any uniform program while increasing the life span and value of the program. 

Your client will see the benefit of your smart uniform programs when you illustrate how it can work for them to increase their bottom line. Distributors who work with Executive Apparel on developing smart uniform programs are happy they did! Have you got a client that could benefit from this formula for their imagewear needs?

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