Should Women’s Uniform Makers Add Sizes?

What do you think? Should Women’s Uniform Makers Add Sizes?

Should women’s uniform makers add sizes? Everyone knows that apparel sizing for women has been changing since the 1950s. It is well documented that an average size 8 dress by today’s standards resembles what was an average size 16 dress in 1958. All women know that attempting to determine our actual size since then has been an exercise in futility! But is adding sizes the answer?

Woman in White blouse next to caption: Should Women's Uniform Makers Add more sizes?

A Popular Apparel Maker Just Added Women’s Size 15!

A very well-respected popular women’s brand thinks so. Good American, the brand created by Khloe Kardashian & Emma Grede, just added size 15. That’s between 14 and 16 for those unfamiliar with the long-standing even-numbered system for women’s sizingThe brand discovered that size 15 is exactly what was missing for their clientele when 50% more returns came back in sizes 14 and 16. Kudos to Good American for being customer-centric and filling the size void! 

Do you think the uniform industry should add more sizes for women?

What other challenges do you find when selling women’s uniform programs? Remember to review the size offerings when pitching other selling points, like variety. If you have variety in styles, be sure you double check if the collection you’re presenting has the right variety of sizes for the group you are trying to fit.


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