Polyester isn’t a Dirty Word for School and Work Uniforms

Polyester is the durable fiber that has transformed the clothes we wear. When choosing the style and material for a school or work uniform, users and buyers can agree that there are some non-negotiables:

A school or work uniform must be:

● an affordable clothing option
● have plenty of solid colors options for schools, students or businesses to choose from
● fit active employees and students comfortably and properly
● offer long-lasting durability
● resist stains, wrinkles, and fading after many washes

Polyester is the most popular material choice among school administrators and businesses because it meets all of these requirements. Polyester uniforms are durable; they resist rips, tears, fading in sunlight, or heat exposure over time. The fabric also repels wrinkles and stains, giving a polished and professional look that lasts.

Give buyers the reassurance that by choosing some polyester in their fabrics, they’re making the right material selection. Let’s consider a few of the top reasons that schools and businesses love polyester school and work uniforms.

Why Choose Polyester in your Uniforms?

To choose the best material for school or work uniforms, it’s important to keep in mind all of the characteristics and specifications that make a uniform good quality. Here are just a few of the reasons you can present to buyers who are considering making the investment in new school or work uniforms:

Polyester is Easy to Clean and Maintain
Polyester is the perfect material choice for uniforms because it has a low shrinkage rate. Students or staff can put their clothes in the washer and dryer without worry about shrinking them to an unusable size. This eliminates the extra hassle and expense of returned and ill-fitting uniforms.

Polyester is also machine washable, which means wearers don’t have to spend time hand-washing their clothing or taking it to a dry cleaner. This is eco-friendly and also saves businesses on the cost of cleaning uniforms if this is something they do in-house.

Thanks to its low shrinkage rates, polyester gives the peace of mind that everytime a wearer puts on their polyester uniform, it’s the perfect fit.

Polyesters are Durable Materials for School and Work Uniforms
It’s important that clients choose a durable material when purchasing uniforms because their business depends on these clothing items. Students and staff will be wearing them for a long time. Polyester is durable and will hold up to the wear and tear of every situation, from an active child’s day at school to a busy server’s daily food running and juggling.

Did you know that polyester is also less likely to rip than other materials? This makes it not only more durable, but also more comfortable. Kids don’t have to worry about their clothes ruining their day and staff won’t get slowed down by a wardrobe malfunction.

Polyesters are Great for School and Business Colors and Logos
Schools and businesses are always looking for ways to promote their brand by showing off their colors and logos. Polyester can be dyed to any color, which is great for customization or displaying a logo on clothing items like blazers or shirts.

Polyester is an Economical Choice for Uniforms
When it comes to choosing uniforms, quality is essential. Schools and businesses want to create a professional environment. Polyester helps create the clean, well-groomed look that your clients crave. The resilient material provides an economical way to get that classy, polished look.

While polyester is an economic choice in the short term, offering competitive pricing, your clients will also experience the long-term bottom line benefits of their purchase. As polyester maintains its shape and color over time, without needing to be dry-cleaned, repaired or frequently replaced.

How to Maintain Polyester Uniforms
Polyester is the perfect material choice for work and school uniforms because it’s durable and easy to maintain. Remind your prospects and clients, wearers just need to follow these very simple steps:

1. Wash polyester garments in cold water. There’s no need to use hot or warm water.
2. Put clothing into a mesh bag when washing to don’t get snagged on other items in the washing machine.
3. Use non-chlorine bleach to keep polyester uniforms looking bright and white.
4. Make drying economical, no need for high heat, most garments just tumble dry on low or hang to dry.

When it comes to choosing fabric for school and work uniforms, quality is important. Polyester is the best material to choose because it’s durable, easy to clean and maintain, economical, and can be dyed with any color or pattern.

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