Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes. Discounts for volume sales are available.

How are orders submitted?

Orders can be submitted through our B2B Website, Fax or Email. Phone orders must be accompanied by a faxed or emailed order to insure accuracy.

What is the cost of shipping?

We can estimate shipping cost but the actual cost is determined by the weight of your order.

What is your return policy?

We are happy to accept returns on any items that are unaltered and in excellent condition within a sixty days. Please follow all of our return procedures very carefully. Restocking fees may apply for products not returned in original packing and condition.

Do you offer hemming?

Hemming of pants is available at minimal charge. Pants that are hemmed are not returnable.

What is the weight of your fabric?

Poly Cotton is normally 7.5 oz. Suiting fabrics generally are 9.5 oz or heavier.

How do I size what I need?

Due to variations in patterns and fit, we always recommend a fit line in the style you will be ordering. Keep in mind that the size on the garment will not be the same as ‘off the rack’ sizing. Reassure your customer not to be concerned about labeled sizing. Not all styles are available in petite,tall, long, etc.  Please check with your Customer Service Rep or salesperson for concerns regarding fit.

Do you offer custom apparel?

Custom orders are available for 72 pieces or more for blazers and 144 or more for pants, blouses and vests. We can source the right fabrics and trims for you. Custom orders require a fifty percent deposit.

Do you offer Unilink pricing?

We offer special discounts as a Unilink member.

Do you offer drop ship services?

Yes. Drop shipping is offered at $2.00 per carton shipped. We customize the packing slip in the carton and remove all markings showing the Executive Apparel name. RA procedures still apply.

What is your minimum order quantity?

We have no minimums on our in-stock programs. Our Minimum order on custom blazers is 72 pieces. The minimum order on custom pants, skirts, shirts and blouses is 144 pieces. The minimum order for ties and neckwear is 300 pieces.

Where are your products manufactured?

Our products are manufactured around the globe in order to get you the best quality and value. A portion of our products are manufactured domestically. We may be able to get you USA product but we can’t guarantee all products are made in USA.

Do you offer shipping to Canada and the Caribbean?

We commonly ship our products to Canada and the Caribbean.

Do your products have any special care instructions?

Most of our products are washable using the proper washing procedures. Some fabrics may be labelled dry clean only and should be only be machine washed on gentle cycles with extreme care to extend the longevity of the product.

Do you sell direct?

Executive Apparel only sells at wholesale pricing to qualified distributors with legal tax ID documentation. We do our best to protect our customer base by requiring retail customers to work with our preferred distributors.

Are you members of ASI/PPAI?

We are accredited members of ASI, PPAI, and NAUMD. Our products and pricing appear on ESP, Sage, SellersCommerce and PromoMarketing databases.

Are your products made in the USA and/or by unions?

Many of our products are made by UNITE members in Philadelphia. Executive Apparel has been associated with the UNITE union for over 25 years.

Can we use our own freight account?

We are happy to ship on your shipping accounts if you use UPS or Federal Express. Other carriers may require handling charges.

What is your cost for embroidery?

Our embroidery prices are very competitive. Pricing depends on order quantity, size of the artwork, number of stitches and number of colors. We are happy to quote projects. You will need a clean digitized tape or set up charges may apply. You may request a proof sample of the finished embroidery so you can approve colors and applications for an additional fee.

How fast can you ship?

In-stock products are usually shipped withing 48 hours. Customized items can take up to one week or more depending on our workload.

When can I get my credit?

Credits are usually issued withing three weeks from receipt of a properly executed return. Boxes not marked with proper RA numbers will be returned to you. Restocking fees may apply.

Can I get invoices more quickly?

We can fax or email invoices when provided with the proper fax number or email address. Distributors may request access to our new Distributor Portal where they can access all of their accounts and billing information.

Do you offer seasonal terms?

We may offer extended terms for qualified customers.

Do you offer screen printing?

Screen printing is available on certain fabrics. We will provide test samples to demonstrate the final appearance of the finished product before production.

What is your availability of items?

In-stock items are available within a few hours of quality approval procedures. Our distributor website shows current availability of our in-stock items by size.

Can you convert from alpha to mens’ and ladies’ sizing?

We will suggest the best conversion based on our years of experience. We urge a fit line testing to keep returns and exchanges to a minimum. Numerical sizing will always be more precise.

Can you convert from adult size small to child sizes or vice versa?

This may be done but will require extra time. Check with your Customer Service Rep or your salesperson.

Can you convert from mens’ to ladies’ sizes or vice versa?

This may be done but will require extra time. Check with your Customer Service Rep or your salesperson.