Undercover: Custom Police Blazer

Victor Cizanckas would have been very pleased with the unique custom police blazer we’ve just designed with Cacharme. Who was Victor Cizanckas? A storied cop who took a difficult job as the new police chief for Menlo Park, California in 1968. The challenge he faced was to rebuild deteriorating trust between the community and the local police force. In an unprecedented opening move he chose to replace the traditional dark-blue cop uniforms for much less aggressive-looking dress shirts, ties and blazers. 

He faced a lot of criticism but he was onto something important. First, he knew that plain-clothed officers were far less intimidating to civilians than cops with visible guns. Second, he knew that officers in professional clothing were more apt to be viewed as respectable and approachable. And third, he knew his job and the welfare of the community were dependent upon his success. 

The Custom Police Blazer

Can a Custom Police Blazer Minimize Conflict?

Today we hear a lot about from law enforcement officials about their efforts to de-escalate confrontation. Our custom police blazer is designed specifically for those who must carry a firearm for safety. Detectives, limo drivers, executive protection details, special agents, and off-duty cops. This garment provides undercover officials a stylish, safe way to conceal their weapon in public and access it quickly if necessary. An approachable, trustworthy first impression may be the first line of defense in taming conflict and minimizing tension.

Sportcoat Blazer vs. Bulky Holster

The Executive One Blazer eliminates the often bulky, often visible holster required with a normal blazer, thus removing one of the most negative associations with the police: their guns. The concept for the Executive One Blazer started with our Easywear Polywool Blazer. Incorporated in the design is a series of safety pockets with inserts for guns and ammo. While a dozen more pockets hold items like spare mags, handcuffs, cell phones, wallets, pens, etc. the internal straps loop through the wearer’s belt to hold the blazer in place when the weapon is drawn. The Executive One Blazer was cop-tested to assure proper functionality. The design is adaptable to either left or right-handed users and is comfortable to wear. With the ability to minimize tension during confrontation built into the design, this custom police blazer is consequently a must-see for those outfitting a security force. To read more about this custom blazer or order wholesale in bulk from the distributor click here.

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