Looking for a Great Uniform for Your Staff?

Consider a custom blazer that will fit your brand perfectly and impress your guests and clients. Nothing stands out in a business setting quite like a smart, tailored custom blazer. Add a few custom features like fancy braid piping and big bold buttons and you have a memorable signature uniform that your staff will love to wear. If you are in a specialty industry that has unique needs, like transportation or law enforcement, perhaps you need added internal features like extra oversize pockets and strong reinforced elbows or identifiable symbols and colors.

Custom Blazer Styles from Executive Apparel

If the custom process seems overwhelming consider this. You will have a project manager through every step. The project manager handles the pieces of the puzzle that may seem too complicated. A good project manager will come up with answers to the questions you have during the process before you ask them. You’ll have a detailed timeline to refer to and constant communication to keep you up to speed. There are no surprises with a good project manager!

Drawing Inspiration from your Logo for your Custom Blazer

If you are ready to consider custom blazers start with your logo and company colors to plan the design. A very public business like hospitality may call for a bold color blazer so choose the brightest color in your logo.

While a more conservative field may dictate a standard black or navy blazer you can always highlight a classic garment with colored buttons that match your embroidered logo. You may even consider a contrasting blouse and skirt or pant to jazz up your uniform.

Custom Blazer Uniform

Charter Schools are appearing all over the country. Many administrators want a bold, signature look for their students therefore, they seek out distributors to help them design the right custom blazer and uniform program.

As you can see, the choices are limitless when you are working with a custom design. Your manufacturer and their designers will walk you through every step of the way. Consequently your uniforms will be unique and your staff will look and feel great!

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