Hospitality: Rising from the ashes

The Hospitality Industry is Poised for a Surge in Demand

It’s time. The hospitality industry is about to come roaring back. There’s promising signs across the country that the pandemic is turning a corner in the right direction. More and more of the US is seeing vaccines rolling out to the general public. And that means consumers are starting to feel much more comfortable with the idea of returning to their love of fun and good times. And what better industries to meet that pent up demand than the hospitality industry.

People will be returning in droves to restaurants, casinos, hotels, and resorts – all of the places they missed over the many months of COVID. When this long awaited influx of consumers soon happens in dining, travel, and leisure, the hospitality industry will need to be ready.

The hospitality industry has survived a roller coaster experience in the last year. Closures, layoffs, limited capacity. But now these industries are gearing up for big demand as they re-open. That means they’ll be hiring new employees, adding staff in anticipation of the influx of customers. What do all those new employees have in common? They’ll need new uniforms of course.

Restaurants and Resorts are Hiring and Need Uniforms

Hospitality managers have a lot on their plate right now: managing every-changing regulations, anticipating demand, hiring new staff. Take one of those tasks off their plate by suggesting the perfect uniforms for their reopenings. Reaching out to your hospitality customers during this key window of reopening is essential. Before they’re slammed with returning customers, this is a great opportunity to purchase new uniforms while they’re in full preparation mode.

New Uniforms are Key to Great Reopening Impressions

During the spring, summer, and fall reopening phase, the hospitality industry will be gearing up to put their best possible foot forward. Managers will want their facilities to look immaculate, their protocols to be seamless, and their staff to look exceptional. Fresh, polished unlined casual blazers for both men and women, available in a variety of styles, are an instant way to crease a professional versatile look.

This may just be the most receptive time in recent memory to offer up a wardrobe refresh to a restaurant or hotel. New, updated uniforms are the perfect way to give an immediate fresh impression to customers that this hospitality business takes pride in cleanliness, neatness, and forward-thinking.

Outdoor Entertaining Holds Its Appeal

While indoor accommodations will see a resurgence, customers will be craving more of the outdoor dining and entertainment possibilities that arose in 2020. This means hospitality businesses will need warm weather attire in greater demand than years past. Items like Poplin Short Sleeve Shirts for men and women will be an essential need during warmer months. The Scooter Skirt Skort also offers style and utility. Hitting just above the knee, the skirt provides a stylish look, available in both khaki and navy, while keeping busy indoor and outdoor servers cool. The light poly-stretch fabric is perfect for warm temps, while the under-short provides full mobility without any worry. For men, there’s the casual Khaki PolyCotton pants for a cool look.

Indoor Hospitality Returns

Although outdoor hospitality options will remain popular, restaurants and hotels will soon be able to open up their indoor facilities and return back to full capacity. Hotels and casinos will once again be able to welcome crowds and restaurants can operate at profitable capacity levels. This means they’ll need more staff and more uniforms to keep up with the workforce demand. Restaurants, hotels, and casinos will want to create a polished look and they’ll turn to updated and ungraded attire to convey this message. Executive Apparel’s Gourmet Lined Tuxedo Vest, for example, which comes in both a men’s and woman’s option is fully washable and features a classic satin collar and suiting buttons.

Many of these hospitality businesses will need a bulk supply of new uniforms. Working with Executive Apparel, you can confidently secure large orders that meet the demand of this unique reopening environment.

Remember these key benefits to purchasing new uniform and staff attire during your next conversations with buyers in the hospitality industry:

  • Now is the perfect time to update staff uniforms before the hospitality busy season begins.
  • Restaurants and resorts can benefit from being proactive and prepare to outfit new employees to meet their growing      demand.
  • New uniforms make the right first impression on returning guests

We’re here to support your sales

Don’t let this window of reopening opportunity pass. Your account representative can prepare you with all the essential information you’ll need on new and popular hospitality attire options. All of us at Executive Apparel are always here to help you be the key to your customer’s reopening success.