How Corporate Uniform Programs Work

How Corporate Uniform Programs Work

When a large company decides to investigate corporate uniform programs they need someone who can get them the best products at the best prices. They call a professional distributor who works directly with a uniform manufacturer. By selling through distributors both the buyer and manufacturer are able to plan properly for the most economical and successful outcome for the project. 

Executive Apparel Distributors are very knowledgeable about corporate uniform programs. They guide the uniforms buyer through the entire development process. Buyers like to work with distributors to eliminate some of the guesswork saving them valuable time and money. Executive Apparel distributors are experts in their field who strive to make the development process quick and easy for buyers.

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It is the manufacturer’s job to provide their distributors with the best options for their buyer’s branded uniform program. That includes garments and information on best practices for planning the program. Distributors ask their buyers important questions so they understand every aspect of the project. Below are some  questions distributors may ask.

  1. Who will be wearing the uniforms? Describe job function(s)?
  2. Where will they be wearing their uniforms? 
  3. What does the company/group/organization do?
  4. Have they provided any reference or inspiration materials?
  5. What type of uniform program are they interested in? In-Stock, Semi-Custom or Fully Custom?
  6. How many uniforms are needed in each category? Will there be repeat orders?
  7. What is the delivery deadline?
  8. Where will the finished uniforms be delivered?
  9. What is the budget?
  10. Are there any specials considerations that we must be aware of?

Distributors relay important information to the manufacturer which helps them plan production efficiently. A thorough distributor who takes time to ask all of these questions will be well-equipped to develop the best uniform program to suit their client’s needs. They will also avoid unnecessary steps that waste time and money. And by working hand-in-hand with the manufacturer, he guarantees his buyer good prices, reliable timelines and accurate quantities. In other words, peace of mind.

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Lisa Denham Marketing Director - Blog Contributor for Executive Apparel