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Elite School Uniforms

The Elite School Uniforms label is well known for its distinct style, durability and superior quality. The Elite Collection was designed with the same signature fabrics we use for our sophisticated corporate apparel. Choose from UltraLux, our popular machine washable polyester, EasyWear, a strong, breathable 70/30 polywool blend and our Premium 100% wool flannel for your uniform blazers. Pair Elite blazers with classic khakis for smart school uniforms.

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22155 - Junior Soft Stretch Low Rise Pants
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22156 - Juniors” Pants Low Rise Stretch, Perfect Fit, Straight Leg
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3000-blazer-ultralux-boys-gry copy
3000 - Boys’ Blazer UltraLux Colors Polyester
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3050-blazer-easywear-boys-gry copy
3050 - Boy’s Blazer EasyWear 2-Button Polywool
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3070-blazer-5545-polywool-hopsack-navy copy
3070 - Boy’s Blazer 5545 Polywool Hopsack
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4000-blazer-ultralux-girls-brg copy
4000 - Girls’ Blazer UltraLux Colors Polyester
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4050 - Girls Blazer EasyWear Single Breasted 2-Button
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82155 - Junior Low Rise Soft Poly Cotton Pants
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C3000-blazer-ultralux-boys-nvy copy
C3000 - Boys’ Blazer UltraLux Classics Polyester
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C4000-blazer-ultralux-girls-nvy copy
C4000 - Girls’ Blazer UltraLux Classics Polyester
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